Point Loma/Hervey Branch Library

Point Loma/Hervey Branch Library

The Point Loma/Hervey Branch Library, at 22,480 square feet, is one of the smaller library facilities in the country. Constructed in 2003, it serves approximately 19,000-22,000 visitors each month, with 10 to 15 staff on each shift. It has study and seminar rooms, a staff workroom, computer labs and a community room for hosting groups and community events.

Prior to the installation of energy efficiency measure and solar (pre-retrofit), the Point Loma/Hervey Library consumed just over 1,400 MMBtu of energy annually consisting of about 410,000 kWh/year in electricity and approximately 190 MMBtu/year in natural gas. Electricity accounted for about 87 percent of the library’s energy consumption with the annual peak in the summer months to meet an increased air conditioning load.

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See Point Loma/Hervey’s post-retrofit energy use and solar generation.

Pre-retrofit energy profile