The Center for Sustainable Energy, in partnership with the California Energy Commission and the city of San Diego, led a multiyear demonstration project to evaluate, test and verify the integration of energy efficiency measures, on-site solar photovoltaic generation and other demand-side management resources at three public libraries to achieve zero net energy (ZNE).

The goal of this project, designated the SD ZN3 Project, is to achieve energy efficiency savings while testing innovative financing mechanisms through integrated demand-side management (IDSM) strategies, such as enrolling in investor-owned utility demand response (DR) programs. Additionally, the project educated library staff and community members on the ZNE and IDSM strategies implemented and the associated environmental benefits of reducing energy consumption and using renewable energy generation. The project team investigated benefits and barriers of implementing IDSM technologies in municipal buildings, including the viability of project financing, DR-related revenue models, long-term energy and cost savings and ZNE operations.

The Project Team