Center for Sustainable Energy

Cap-and-Invest: A review of policy, design and models and their applicability in Vermont

This report explores three North American cap-and-invest systems for reducing GHG emissions, with the goal of providing policy-makers with a better understanding of how cap-and-invest systems work,identifying lessons learned and outlining policy recommendations for creating an economy-wide cap-and-invest system for GHG emissions for Vermont.

CVRP Final Report 2015–2016

California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, administered by CSE for the California Air Resources Board, provides rebates for purchasers and lessees of plug-in electric and fuel cell vehicles throughout the state. CVRP distributed $127,810,300 rebate funds in fiscal year (FY) 2015–2016 to owners and lessees of 56,658 eligible vehicles in California.  From project inception in 2010 through the end of FY 2015–2016 funding, CVRP issued or reserved nearly 180,000 rebates totaling nearly $400 million.

Presentation: “Exploratory Estimation of Greenhouse-Gas Emission Reductions from California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project”

Presentation given at the Transportation Resources Board’s 98th Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. (January 16, 2019) that described a preliminary but more detailed picture the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project’s greenhouse-gas impacts. The analysis utilized project-specific data to through August 2018 (N=257,401 participants). Reductions attributable to rebated plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) over the first year of vehicle ownership were estimated to be approximately 713 thousand metric tons of CO2-equivalent, or an average of 2.58 tons per PHEV and 2.90 tons per BEV. Findings indicate that use of project-derived data can significantly enhance characterizations of the impact of incentive programs.