No matter which model of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) you decide to purchase, there are two scenarios for home charging. Roughly 80% of charging takes place at home where a homeowner may plug their PEV into a conventional 120-volt household outlet or install a 240-volt fast-charging system.

While fast charging a PEV takes about half the time compared with 120 volts, it will require the installation of a dedicated circuit and charging station, and in most cases, will require a permit from your local jurisdiction. Regardless of how you charge, be sure to find out about any special electricity rates available from your utility provider. The resources listed here will help you learn about home charging and utility rates.

Resources for homeowners

SDGE Plugin

If you’re an SDG&E customer, find information on what rates to choose, what options are available for home EV charging stations and information on public charging locations.



PGE PluginPG&E offers a simple 3-step “Get Plug-in Ready” resource for its customers. It includes a step-by-step guide to upgrade your electric service at home.
    Plug In car model

    PG&E has a fantastic PEV rate calculator that gives a breakdown on costs and savings based on your PEV model, your average driving distance per day, the time of day you charge your PEV and your location by entering your ZIP code.


      Southern California Edison customers can find rates for PEVs and tips for installing a home charging station.

      There’s also a very useful “tools and resources page” on rebates, incentives and charging station equipment.

      PEV drivers in the Sacramento area will find a comprehensive set of PEV resources on the SMUD Plug-in Electric Vehicle website.

      go electricHelpful Overview - Visit GoElectricDrive for more information on electric cars, charging and incentives. provides an extensive list of approved EVSE Vendors/Manufacturers currently selling EV charging stations available for consumers.


        Check out EV Solutions ways to refuel your electric vehicle.