Understanding Streamlined Solar Permitting Practices: A Primer

The Primer introduces and explores the current landscape of streamlined solar permitting (SSP) practices nationwide. The document starts by reviewing the processes by which a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system is built to code and integrated into the electrical grid and progresses to provide context for understanding and overcoming the delays and inconsistencies associated with permitting, inspection and interconnection.

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California Solar Permitting Guidebook

Supported by the SunShot initiative, the Center for Sustainable Energy developed the California Solar Permitting Guidebook to serve as a resource for local governments and permitting agencies to facilitate installation of small solar energy systems. By adopting its recommendations, local governments can reduce permit processing times and increase their output while facilitating local solar market economic development.

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Case Studies

As the solar market continues to grow exponentially, local governments are experiencing an influx of solar permitting applications. These case study highlight the efforts of the County of Los Angeles and the City of Berkeley to develop streamlined permitting processes for rooftop solar PV systems that help lower costs for consumers and serve as models for other jurisdictions.