Navigating the Equity Resiliency Budget

The Equity Resiliency budget provides incentives for the installation of qualifying energy storage technologies for vulnerable residential and nonresidential customers with critical resiliency needs. This incentive can cover up to 100% of installation costs and ensure access to power for vulnerable communities. You may be eligible if you are located in a High-Fire Threat District (HFTD) or have been affected by two or more Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events.

Customers who would like to participate in the SGIP should contact a contractor/installer to help navigate the application and installation process. Contractors can work closely with the SGIP Program Administrator for application assistance. Before you get started, see if your project may be eligible for an incentive.

Equity Resiliency Budget Eligibility Requirements

Incentive rates are calculated to the Watt-hour at a rate of $1.00/Wh ($1,000/kilowatt-hour). This covers approximately 100% of the cost of the energy storage system.

Eligibility for the incentive must meet the following criteria.


You have experienced two or more PSPS events OR live in a Tier 2 or 3 HFTD.

AND one of the following additional criteria

  • Live in multifamily deed-restricted housing or a single-family home subject to resale restrictions and qualify as low income. This includes customers who have participated in or are eligible for the SASH, DAC-SASH, MASH, or SOMAH
  • Reside in California Indian Country and qualify as low income
  • Currently enrolled in a medical baseline program with a utility
  • Notified your utility of serious illness and/or condition that could become life-threatening if the electricity is disconnected
  • Your home relies on electric pump wells for water at your primary residence and qualify as low income


You have experienced two or more PSPS events OR are located in a Tier 2 or 3 HFTD.

AND (both a and b)

(a) Provide critical facilities or critical infrastructure during a PSPS event to at least one community that is located at least partially in a Tier 2 or 3 HFTD or were subject to two or more discrete PSPS events prior to the date of application for SGIP incentives

(b) The community served is also eligible for the equity budget

AND one of the following additional criteria

  • Is a police station, fire station, emergency response provider, tribal government provider, emergency operations center, 911 call center, medical facility
  • Is a private or public natural gas, electric, water, wastewater or flood facility
  • Is a jail or prison, utility designated PSPS center, cooling center, homeless shelter
  • Is a grocery store, supermarket or corner store with less than $15 million in annual gross receipts
  • Is an independent living center or emergency feeding organization

Ready to Apply?

Visit the application center to learn more about the process for residential and nonresidential projects and to access required documentation.

Visit the Application Center

Please visit the SGIP Program Metrics page for the current incentive rates, current available funds and step opening dates for all budget categories.