SGIP Document Library

This page contains the following sections:

1. Program Reports
2. Handbook and Contract Documents

The SGIP releases a new SGIP Handbook and application forms every year. Below is a list of SGIP Handbooks and Program provided documents for years 2011 through 2017. Please refer to the documents based on the year you submitted an incentive reservation request.

6. Performance Data Provider (PDP) Information

SGIP projects 30 kW and larger are required to install performance meters to determine the production, emissions and efficiency of the installed equipment following the initial commissioning of the project. The collected performance information will be used to execute the performance-based incentive (PBI) payment over a five-year timeframe. System owners of SGIP projects may choose to either apply for PDP status or contract with an approved PDP.

7. California Manufacturer Information

An additional incentive of 20% will be provided for the installation of eligible distributed generation and energy storage technologies from a California manufacturer. To see an updated list of approved CA manufacturers, or to apply for CA manufacturer status, please download the forms below.

11. SGIP Approved Rates

Download the current Self-Generation Incentive Program Handbook

Please visit the SGIP Program Metrics page for the current incentive rates, current available funds and step opening dates for all budget categories.