Please visit the SGIP Program Metrics page for the current incentive rates, current available funds and step opening dates for all budget categories.

Two-Step Application Process

All residential projects and nonresidential projects <10 kW

The SGIP releases new forms as needed, and required forms vary by Program Administrator. The document links below are applicable only for projects requesting an incentive reservation for the current program year. If you applied in program years 2011 through 2016, click here to download the documents.

Required documents for all projects

  1. Log in to your account at and complete the online Reservation Request Form.
  2. Application fee: Equal to 5% of the requested incentive amount, made payable to Center for Sustainable Energy and mailed to the address listed at the bottom of this page.
  3. Proposed manufacturer equipment specifications and applicable safety certifications. The Energy Storage Sizing Worksheet is now available for download to help you determine your storage system's size.
  4. Proof of utility service: Submit a  complete copy of the customer's most recent electric utility bill.
  5. Completed 3rd Party Letter of Authorization to Receive Customer Information.
  6. 12-month electric load documentation (for all projects > 10 kW): Submit a copy of the previous 12 months of energy consumption from the utility including maximum demand.
  7. Proposed monitoring plan (for all projects ≥ 30 kW or paired with on-site renewables). The  Proposed Monitoring Plan Checklist  and Energy Storage Preliminary Monitoring Plan Template are now available for download.
  8. Executed contract/agreement for system installation (including warranty documentation).
  9. Results of an energy efficiency audit performed during the past 5 years. Audits may be performed by a Program Administrator, your utility or a qualified vendor/consultant. SDG&E customers can access an energy audit through their online account at Reference guides for generating a Home Energy Summary and Business Energy Report are available for download.
Additional documents for equity projects
  • Certification of Tax-Exempt Status (Gov’t and Non-profit Projects Only)
  • Proof of Eligibility under Proposition 39 or an Accredited Institution (Educational Institutions Only)
  • Small Business Affidavit (Small Business Projects Only)
  • Deed Restriction or Regulatory Agreement (Multi-family Projects Only)
  • SGIP Multi-Family Low-Income Housing Documentation Cover Sheet (Multi-family Projects Only)
  • Proof of Income Qualification (Single-family Projects Only)
  • Proof of PU Code Section 2852 Compliance (Single-family Projects Only)
Additional documents for thermal energy storage projects
Additional documents for renewable fuel & waste energy projects
  1. Proof of adequate renewable fuel or waste energy resource (applies to all technologies except energy storage if operating on a renewable fuel or waste energy): Submit an engineering survey or study confirming adequate renewable fuel and the generating system's average capacity
  2. Forecasted fuel consumption (directed biogas only)
  3. Renewable fuel contract (directed biogas only)
  4. Renewable Fuel Attestation Letter - system owner & fuel supplier (directed biogas only)
  5. Renewable Fuel Affidavit (on-site renewable fuel only)
  6. Fuel clean-up purchase order (on-site renewable fuel only)
Additional documents for blended generation projects
  1. Minimum operating efficiency worksheet with backup documentation
    For residential projects, fill in the Residential Minimum Operating Efficiency Calculations Worksheet
    For commercial projects, fill in the Commercial Minimum Operating Efficiency Calculations Worksheet
  2. Waste Gas Fuel Affidavit (waste gas fuel only)
Complete the Reservation Request Form through the online application portal at

Required documents for all projects

  1. Log in to your account at and complete the online Incentive Claim Form
  2. Proof of authorization to interconnect
  3. Final Project Cost Affidavit and Breakdown Worksheet
  4. Building permit inspection report
  5. Substantiation of load (new construction/expanded load only)
  6. Final monitoring schematic (for projects 30 kW and larger or energy storage paired with on-site renewables)
Additional documents for conventional CHP and fuel cells
  1. Final air permit documentation (if applicable)
  2. Planned Maintenance Coordination Letter (for CHP projects 200 kW and greater only)
Additional documents for renewable fuel & waste energy projects
  1. Renewable fuel documentation/proof of contract commencement (directed biogas only)
  2. Renewable fuel metering specifications
  3. Substantiation of fuel clean-up skid cost (on-site renewable only)
  4. Substantiation of renewable resource (on-site renewable & waste energy only)
Complete the Incentive Claim Form through the online application portal at

Download the current Self-Generation Incentive Program Handbook

Application fees for projects in SDG&E territory must be made payable to Center for Sustainable and mailed to:

Center for Sustainable Energy
Self-Generation Incentive Program
3980 Sherman St, Ste. 170
San Diego, CA 92110