About Plug-In San Diego

Funded by the California Energy Commission, Plug-in San Diego worked to increase PEV adoption and deployment of charging infrastructure through best practices and recommendations outlined in the San Diego Regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan.

Throughout the program, CSE experts assisted local governments in developing a regionally consistent, streamlined process for permitting and installing electric vehicle charging stations. The program offered complimentary technical assistance consultations to apartment and property owners, HOAs, workplaces and public agencies and conducted workshops about the benefits of installing charging infrastructure.

While the program is no longer active, resources are available for those interested in providing electric vehicle charging at their property and in their community

Other Resources

Readiness Plans


San Diego Regional Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan: Preparing the San Diego Region for Plug-In Electric Vehicles


San Diego Regional Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan: Appendix and Best Practices

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