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Leaders 2020

Driving civic engagement among young professionals to ensure a healthy environment, strong economy and high quality of life in the San Diego region.

Leaders 2020 is a young professionals network that provides our members with

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Meet our Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee works in partnership with Equinox Project staff to guide Leaders 2020’s goals and activities. Steering Committee members take part in programming related to public policy issues, participate in committees and event planning, help develop strategic partnerships and work to engage other young adults.

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Director of Operations for ECOLIFE Conservation®
Associate Ecologist, Great Ecology - Environment & Design
Energy Engineer, Center for Sustainable Energy
Director of Capital Investments, McKinney Capital & Advisory
Sustainability Associate, Rincon Consultants, Inc.
Environment & Thomas Murphy Fellow
Account Manager, Allison+Partners Inc.
Community Outreach Coordinator, Center for Sustainable Energy
Sr. Project Developer, Advanced Microgrid Solutions
Communications Coordinator, Climate Education Partners
Community Relations Program Assistant, San Diego Gas & Electric
Emerging Technologies Client Manager, IBM
a Financial Analyst, CDC Small Business Finance

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