Start Your Journey with Solar Water Heating

For business owners and multifamily property owners, the path from considering new technology to implementation involves careful consideration of many critical factors. The Center for Sustainable Energy is your resource throughout the research and implementation process for solar water heating.

Bringing Solar Hot Water to Your Property

There are several factors to consider when conducting a cost analysis of solar thermal systems:

Claiming Your CSI-Thermal Rebate

The CSI-Thermal Program has a two-step rebate process for multifamily and commercial properties:

Step 1: Prior to installing the solar water heating system, your contractor applies for the CSI-Thermal rebate on your behalf at the start of the process, reserving the funds for 18 months.

Step 2: Once the system has been installed and permitted, your contractor applies to release the reserved funds. The rebate can be sent directly to you, or you may choose to have the contractor deduct the estimated rebate amount from your upfront cost and have the rebate go directly to the contractor.

For multifamily properties serving income-qualified individuals, qualifying for the higher incentive rate requires additional information that should be confirmed at the start of the project. Review our multifamily checklist to ensure you have all necessary documentation prior to starting the project. As the host customer, you will be copied on all program correspondence, and you may contact your local program administrator if you have questions at any point in the process.