The California Solar Initiative – Thermal Program is scheduled to sunset on July 31, 2020. At that time, no new residential, commercial or multifamily applications will be accepted. For questions about the incentive or application deadline, we encourage you to contact CSE’s solar thermal team via email.

Solar Water Heating for Homeowners

The California Solar Initiative–Thermal Program is no longer accepting new incentive applications. If you are a contractor or property owner with a project in review or due payment, refer to the Active Applicants page.

Do you know the average San Diego household consumes 45 gallons of hot water every day? Discover the advantages of heating your home's water with solar water heating

Solar Water Heating Uses at Home

Showering, washing dishes, running the clothes washer and other daily activities require significant amounts of hot water. The advantage is that with solar water heating, the energy used comes from a clean source instead of from burning natural gas.

Solar Water Heater Compatibility

Solar water heating systems are compatible with all common types of water heaters, including tankless or on-demand water heaters. You do not need to replace your existing water heater when you install a solar hot water system and you can replace your existing water heater in the future without affecting your newly installed solar water heating system. For homes with tankless water heaters, your contractor can recommend a system that will work best with your tankless water heater.

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CSE will continue to support CSI-Thermal applicants during the sunset period. For any questions related to the program or solar water heating, contact us at