Applying for CSI-Thermal Incentives

As the installer, you are responsible for submitting the rebate application and required paperwork for your customer or for yourself if you are a self-installer.

Single-Family CSI-Thermal Rebates

Single-family rebates are applied for and paid after system installation and inspection by the appropriate authority having jurisdiction. All systems are required to get a permit from the appropriate city or county. Rebates are calculated based on expected performance for the specific SWH system. Program calculators are publicly available and embedded in the application database. A check will be sent to the payee indicated on the Incentive Claim Form after all documents are approved and a program inspection is completed (if required).

Single-family applications are approved in a one-step process. The contractor submits the necessary documentation to the CSI-Thermal application database after the SWH system has been installed and inspected by the local building department. Program staff will review the application for accuracy, and if all the information is correct, the application will either be approved for payment or sent to inspection.

Commercial and Multifamily CSI-Thermal Rebates

Multifamily and commercial solar water heating and solar pool systems also receive a one-time payment after the system has been installed and inspected. Rebates are calculated based on expected performance for the specific SWH system. Program calculators are publicly available and embedded into the application database.

Multifamily and commercial systems that involve other end uses (e.g., process heat) will receive a performance-based incentive that is paid based on metered data over two years.

Once the rebate application is complete and submitted online through an automated database, we proceed with the following application processing. For multifamily and commercial properties, applications are approved in a two-step process. Once a contract agreement has been signed, the contractor may submit an application to reserve rebate funding for the project. This application will be reviewed, and if approved, the contractor will have 18 months to complete the project and submit the Incentive Claim Package before the reserved rebate funding is released. Once installation is complete, the contractor will have the opportunity to edit the project information to reflect the “as-built” specs before submitting for final program review. For more information and resources, review our CSI-Thermal Installer Guide.

Receiving the Rebate

Once the application is approved and the inspection completed (if necessary), the check will be mailed to the payee indicated on the Incentive Claim Form within 30 days.

Who do I Contact if I’m Having Technical Trouble?

For technical support with, please contact Energy Solutions at or call (888) 323-3133. For program related questions, please contact the Program Administrator for the correct service territory:

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) territory:

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) territory:

Center for Sustainable Energy (San Diego Gas & Electric territory):

Application Tutorials & Resources

The following guidelines and videos provide guidance on how to complete an application for rebates through the CSI-Thermal Program in SDG&E territory.

Energy Audit Resources

Energy audit instructions and where to find information on residential energy use can be found under the SDG&E Energy Survey.

Commercial and multifamily properties can meet the energy audit requirement one of two ways:

  • Submit Title 24 documentation for past three years
  • Submit energy efficiency audit completed within the last three years

The video "Online Energy Survey for Business" provides additional audit instructions after logging into your SDG&E account.