Center for Sustainable Energy

Explore how to use an online dashboard with up-to-date electric vehicle (EV) market data detailing California consumer demographics, purchasing motivations, dealership experience and other factors.

Webinar Subjects

  • Primary motivations for EV purchase or lease
  • How to filter data by vehicle type, manufacturer and location
  • Driver demographics including age, gender, income and education
  • Awareness and adoption of PEV time-of-use electricity rates
  • Importance of various information avenues for EV shoppers

Target Audience

  • Program Implementers
  • Public Agencies
  • Clean Vehicle Enthusiasts

Webinar Participants

  • Clean Vehicle Rebate Project
  • Center for Sustainable Energy

Interested in more information about the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project EV Consumer Survey, EV rebates or eligible vehicles?

Visit the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project website to learn more or contact a project representative for help navigating the rebate process at 866-984-2532 or cvrp@energycenter.org.

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July 16, 2014 1:00 PM  through  2:00 PM
Online Webinar,
United States
Phone: 858-244-7281