Project Rollout

Q1 2018
Project Kick-off
Q1 2018
Site characterization
Q3 2019 - Q3 2020
Technology designs
Q1 2019 - Q3 2020
Baseline energy measurement and energy modeling
Q3 2020 - Q1 2021
Construction period
Q1 2021 – Q3 2021
Postconstruction energy measurement and verification
Q1 2020 – Q4 2021
Technology/knowledge transfer activities

Site Characterization, Design and Installation

Key project partners, P2S and TRC will design and install a holistic suite of precommercial energy efficiency (EE) technologies for the Covina Walmart building. The technologies that comprise the installation package will include a novel supervisory controller (leverages cutting-edge internet-of-things) to provide systemwide optimization, across the key building end-uses including lighting, refrigeration and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC).

  • P2S will design the EE technologies package and prepare a basis of design, design documents and construction documents.
  • TRC will provide construction project management support for various aspects and phases of the project. TRC’s primary role will be technology implementation of the selected technologies identified in design. They will work with all technology project partners and the Walmart demonstration site to ensure that the EE technologies are installed properly and commissioned according to the design intent and that construction activities are coordinated and executed in a manner that minimizes site operation disturbances. Additionally, TRC will provide support for the commissioning plan with Davenergy.

  Final basis of design


Energy Modeling/Measurement and Verification

To inform the EE technologies package selected, NREL will use the Department of Energy’s OpenStudio Modeling Software to complete baseline and calibrated energy models. They also will perform an optimization study whereby the baseline energy model is run with various EE technology packages.

Each EE package will include different combinations of precommercial technologies to determine the best EE package as well as the best scheduling of technologies when interacting with one another. Additionally, the final calibrated energy model will be utilized for comparison during a set measurement and verification period after the installation of all selected technologies.

  Baseline period measurement and verification plan

  Final Optimization Report

Tesla Battery Install

Technology/Knowledge Transfer Activities

To maximize the impact of the project, the project team will develop and execute a plan to share the knowledge gained and lessons learned from this project with the public and key decision-makers. Our approach will include outreach to industry stakeholders, store shoppers, state and local policymakers and community leaders. The team will host a series of public webinars as well as develop and disseminate outreach and educational materials about the building technologies tested, EE features and IDSM framework. Additionally, the project team will use results from this project to help educate California government officials by way of participation in California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) regulatory proceeding when appropriate.

California Public Utility Commission proceedings related to this demonstration project

  • Demand Response (R.13-09-011) Rulemaking to enhance the role of demand response for resource planning.
  • Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan Update and Action Plans (D.10-09-047) Rulemaking R.13-11-055 encompasses current energy efficiency portfolios through 2015, implements energy efficiency “rolling portfolios” and various relates policy issues.
  • Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (R.14-10-003): This proceeding considers the development and adoption of a regulatory framework to provide policy consistency for the direction and review of demand-side resource programs. The framework to be a unified mechanism to authorize and direct the commission-regulated electric and gas utilities to achieve demand reduction and load shaping using integrated demand-side management resources.